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We are experts in the real estate industry, whether you need goods and products for your company, or if you invest in real estate or premises, you want to rent to buy, sell, rent or.

We also cooperate with various banks, so that we can offer the best financing.

If you are a buyer our team will put all their experience at your disposal to find the right property for you and they do not represent the entire time for, from the search of the trial up to the sale.

If you are a seller, we look for a suitable investor for you and / or a buyer and represent you professionally during the whole time, so that the sale for them is a straightforward, profitable business. We already have an extensive database of potential, good customers.

 Service for investors and buyers:

Our main goal is that your investment at any time is a maximum profitable. For this reason, we ensure that we obtain the best suppliers and products for your business.

If you intend to invest in a Home, we have the best and most exclusive properties in Spain and in Germany.

Regardless of what your goal, our team will ensure you find the best prices and products in order to satisfy you.

Service for Suppliers and Manufacturers:

When it comes to offering your own products, your service or your real estate in Germany, Spain or South

America has WillHausen Service Manager on a large amount of cooperation and companies interested, who are interested in various investments.

Wines assessors.

In WillHausen Service Manager advise and assist Spanish wine and food importers in finding the products they need. We also locate clients in Europe, Latin  America and EEUU who are interested in your wines or yours products.

We collaborate promoting and informing potential customers about the wineries presence in the different Trade Fairs along the year, and also assisting and supporting the wineries team in the Trade Fairs as external collaborators.

Real Estate Service

In WillHausen Service Manager only we work with unique properties; properties of high standing with features that can meet the demands of our customers with purchasing power and purchasing power at the height of the circumstances.

Luxury HousesWe are specialists in this type of transaction and the results show the effectiveness of our services. In our portfolio of properties you can be found from the house-mansion in the most exclusive in All Spain, Germany and now in Miami to the attic with large terrace and spectacular sea views.
Our professionals know correctly interpret the needs of our customers and try to find the best option in each case, offering a personalized treatment, with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Luxury HousesAnything that you may need, we have experience, we work with foreign Nationals, just tell us is what kind of investment they want, second home, or just condo hotel options for short term rentals for rental income.
have to tell us price, point location.
we have homes, condos, condo hotels, condos under construction, and condos ob pre construction.
We work with attorneys accountants and title companies,
Many of our buyers don’t even come to España, Alemania or Miami… we can do everything via email, wire transfers for your comfort, your welcome to hire an attorney to verified, pick your own Title Company…

More Information: ImmoWillHausen

Nautical Service

WillHausen Service Manager  will guide you personally through the purchase of new and second-hand power and sailing boats, as well as advise you on the sale of your own boat.
We also offer a wide range of after sales services including marine insurance, boat maintenance and sale of genuine parts, so that your boat can bring you even greater

Luxury Yachtspleasure. We have access to the entire boat catalogues, the brands we act as official dealers. We also have a wide and varied catalogue of second hand boats, as well as “zero mileage” boats for sale from boat shows or sailing tests at very competitive prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Luxury Yachts

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